Sticky toffee pudding


I made these on Sunday for a family meal.
They were relatively easy and the mix is pretty much like cake mix plus the black treacle and special brown sugar!
The sauce is only syrup, butter, sugar, and condensed milk!


Croissants and pain au chocolat (blanc)

This weekend I decided to make croissants. The recipe is not particularly hard, just time claiming. E.g every hour your have to roll and fold the dough to create all the flakey layers.
I shaped them into both croissants and pain au chocolat (but I used white chocolate because I love it!)



Salted caramel

I made this salted caramel which I plan to put inside donuts or on a tart this weekend!
Step 1: boil 200g of castor sugar until liquid (3-5mins)

Step 2: add in 95g of salted butter until dissolved (1 min)

Step 3: add two tablespoons of heavy cream and mix until a smooth consistency and remove from heat

Step 4: add a pinch of salt


Another roulade

I have been trying to perfect my roulade recipe- I find it always too soft in the middle, and too dark on the outside. This is my most recent attempt which was nice, still a little too soft in the middle though. I used crushed almonds in the egg white and sugar mix which. (Not for taste, just for texture and consistency)
It’s so easy to make and gluten free.


Vanilla cheesecake

For this cheesecake I chose a no bake recipe because I feel like the final taste it a lot nicer and fresher.
The biscuit base is the classic digestives, melted butter, and I added a bit of brown sugar which made a difference! The main mix is:
500g cream cheese,
200ml whipped double cream,
3 vanilla pods (one would definitely be enough but I love vanilla!)
100g icing sugar.